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Automation Impacting Real Process Augmentation

GST Return Filing Automation

Efficiently handles large data volumes

Suitable for GST practitioners and CAs having large number of filings

Uploading of data to GST website through intermediary software

Automation of Invoice generation and Eway bill generation

Classification of errors and emails sent to suppliers with details of errors

GST-AirpA: Services

GST AirpA®

Automation Impacting Real Process Augmentation

RPA solution for GST return filing along with Invoice generation and E-way bill generation based on PO and dispatch notes

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Problem Statement

  • Spikes and troughs in workload during every month

  • Repetitive and clerical type of work. Logical decision points

  • Correction of errors require number of communication with Suppliers

  • Short time lines and voluminous work lead to pressure on employees, overtime, and delayed filings

  • Shortage of trained manpower

  • Employee turnover affects quality and productivity

  • Subjectivity in process adherence by each employee results in no standardized output.

  • Manual operations always have element of errors

  • Clients tend to send data at the last moment​

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Raising the Bar

End to End Solution

End to End GST return filing solution built on RPA platform and leveraging AI algorithm for identifying inputs from Emails and other sources

2-way invoice matching

Automation of Two Way matching of invoices. Classification of errors and emails sent to suppliers with details of errors

Supports data from multiple sources

Configured for creating reports through Tally ERP, can also handle other ERPs and Excel data

Low cost solution

Low cost solution with Huge cost savings, optimized quality and timeliness

GST-AirpA: Features
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